Family Discount Program

For our Boy's and Girl's Spring Travel programs for grades 3 through 8, we are offering a discount for families with multiple players. Once all players in a family are registered for the Spring program a 20% credit for the second and each subsequent child will be issued to the family account upon request.  The Family Discount is not applicable on late registrations or any other programs such as our Fall, Winter, and Pee Wee programs.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact:

Late Registration Policy

Bridgewater Lacrosse always aims to be able to provide an opportunity for all Bridgewater & Raritan residents to join our programs and learn the game of lacrosse.  All programs will typically have a registration deadline.  If you complete your registration after that deadline a late fee will apply.  However, for some programs space may be limited and late registrations will not be accepted.

Refund Policy

Bridgewater Lacrosse prides itself on good communication with our participants and in having a well organized approach to our overall program. To maintain our established level of success in these areas takes a great deal of time and effort from our volunteers. Typically many, many hours are spent prior to each season and each program, working to try to ensure it is the best experience possible for you and your child.

With this in mind our Refund Policy is:

1. All refunds/credits issued will be charged a $10.00 administrative fee except for refunds/credits issued due to a program cancellation.
2. We reserve the right to cancel, alter, supplement, limit registration or change any dates, times, locations, ages, fees, etc.
3. A full refund/credit (less $10.00 administrative fee) is possible if we receive written notification of your withdrawal prior to the registration deadline.
4. If the notification is received after the registration deadline, but prior to the start of the first session, then a 50% refund/credit (less the $10.00 administrative fee and any uniform costs) will be made.
5. No refunds or credits will be issued after the first session or practice or if a program does not run its full course due to inclement weather, facility cancellations or circumstances beyond our control.
6. If extenuating circumstances exist, they should be clearly outlined in a written correspondence to the Program Director who may decide to override this refund policy.