Our Philosophy

Bridgewater Lacrosse, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of lacrosse in Central New Jersey.  At Bridgewater Lacrosse, our philosophy is simple. We want to create opportunities for lacrosse players of both genders and of all ages to learn, play, and enjoy the incredible game of lacrosse. All lacrosse playing opportunities that we sponsor are designed to be enriching experiences for the entire family and will fuel further growth of this great fast-paced Native American game.

We want our participants to be well-rounded student-athletes and citizens who, via the game of lacrosse, are challenged both physically and mentally to reach goals they might not have thought possible. We also invite them to become part of the close-knit Bridgewater Lacrosse Community that is not only concerned about the game of lacrosse, but also is concerned about the development and well-being of our past, present, and future members.

Our respect for "The Creator's Game" is evident in how we coach, play, and watch lacrosse in Bridgewater. We hope that you will help us to honor our 30 year tradition of lacrosse excellence in Bridgewater by following this philosophy no matter what your level of participation may be.